tiistai 28. toukokuuta 2013

DIY tribal print shorts

Tribal print shorts and other clothes are very on trend this summer. I really wanted a pair of shorts like these, so I bought second hand jeans did a little DIY magic on them! Here's a tutorial for my first blog post!

This is my result, and what you will end up with if you decide to try this tutorial out!

Step 1. 
Find your old pair of white or any light colored jeans or go and buy them second hand, I got this pair for just 1 euro, so it's not exactly expensive! Then cut them into shorts with the length you like.

Step 2. 
Get out a ruler and a pencil and mark a row dots as in the picture. Leave about 3 cm space in between, and then mark another row of dots about 2 cm under each dot. This is where the first row of pattern will be. 

Step 3.
Sew a crossing pattern from dot to dot with a zigzag stitch. You should get one row of the black pattern. Then leave enough space in between, repeat the last step and sew another pattern in the same way.
I decided to go with a simple triangle pattern in the middle but you can do what pleases you.


Step 4.
Grab some fun colored threads and sew in the triangles and squares.

Step 5.
You are done! Cut off all the excess threads and you have got yourself an awesome new pair of shorts.

I am so happy I got away with making these myself, I saved a whole lot of money. And I will surely be wearing these all summer!

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  1. Nice DIYs! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog! Have a beautiful day!

  2. Wow, they look great! I tried to use the sewing machine to make patterns but I failed, hahahah

    Nikki :)

  3. Featured you Love! Check it out on my DIY Gallery! x http://www.tishaarnaldo.com/p/diy.html